Friday Round-up No.01–

I have been meaning to do this for a while. Inspired by Berg's (sadly no longer active) blog I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a weekly it's good to write, right?

So what's brought this on? I have never really 'needed' to market myself. I have enough work (and some great clients) to keep me busy. Great right? Perhaps... 

The thing is, by not promoting myself I have less control over the work coming in. That's OK, to a point. I try and make the most out of all jobs I do and find the creative opportunities they present. That said, I know I need to get out more and look for the type of work I want to do, with the clients I want to work with, who will challenge me and who I can learn from. 

This regular round-up is part of a more concerted effort to reach out. More on what else I am planning on doing in future posts.  

So what's been on this week...?

I have been working on quite a few printed reports lately which I really enjoy, I particularly like looking for ways of presenting (often dry) information in interesting and engaging ways. The most recent for Cisco – 'South East Queensland: A Smart Region' – explores the use smart initiatives and technology in transport, infrastructure, disaster management and events to deliver better services and quality of life to the community. The challenge was to make it accessible, not intimidating. I figured a good way to do this would be through the use of illustration. I really enjoyed putting this one together.  

I bumped into the fantastic Nicole Phillips (@TypographHer) whilst at Billy Blue this week. Nicole was conducting some research for Type Tasting on the connection between typography and the senses, in this case, smell. We were given a series of smells to experience and then asked to associate each with a font. Lots of fun and really challenged my perception of fonts and what they represent... 

Those who know me know I am a mad keen cyclist, always have been. Brisbane City Council has an initiative to promote cycling in our city called (funnily enough) Cycling Brisbane. Each week the team invites a member of the local cycling community to takeover their Instagram account and document their cycling week. I was honoured to be asked to share my pics with everyone. If you are a keen cyclist check it out, there is a really great mix of cycling views from around our city. 

I love hearing about what music people are listening to so I figure so do others. Playing this week: Fourtet, The Saints, Zefur Wolves, Swervedriver, a bit of old Lenny Kravitz plus podcasts from Radiolab and Australian Design Radio.

Have a great weekend. 


Friday Round-up No.02–

New work: RDAC 'Our history, Our future' brochure