Friday Round-up No.08–

Working on this week

It has been a big week. You know, the type of week where a bunch of projects all come in at the same time, despite my best efforts to plan. Consequently, next week looks to be much the same. That said, I have some nice work on at the moment which helps.

A t-shirt design – the first in a series – I have done for the guys at Octopus Deploy was unleashed on the world this week.  This was a great one to work on. They wanted to bring their octopus logo to life in the form of different characters. T-shirts were the obvious choice to appeal to their grassroots tech evangelists, the perfect give away at events.

It's been a week for corporate reports with three currently in varying stages of design. For the last couple of days I have been working through the first draft of a strategic plan for a regional council. It has been a short turnaround so the pressure has been on. On the plus, side, the project has offered up an opportunity to create a nice feature illustration which is looking great. I really enjoy this sort of work– finding ways to present large amounts of, quite dry info, in creative ways...

Listening to this week

I finally go around to watching LCD Soundsystem's Shut up and play the hits. The film documents the band's final (four hour!) gig at Madison Square Garden. I have always loved their mix of live instruments and electronica. As a result, much of their back catalogue is been on repeat – great music to get stuff done to. Also, The 2 Bears, Underworld, and new ones by Guy Garvey and Holy Holy.

That's it for now, apologies for the short one this week. Need to get away from the screen – have a great weekend. 

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