Friday Round-up No.5–

Welcome to Friday Round-up No.5 – a small, but none the less proud, milestone!


Some interesting  projects have come in this week including a new print project for an Aboriginal Corporation in remote Western Australia. I am really looking forward to this one as there is some fantastic imagery available to use–more soon. I am also discussing some initial visual identity and logo design ideas for a technology platform that manages medical resources. Should be a nice mix of human and tech ideas...


New work: LGAQ Digital Productivity Report

I recently completed the design of a report for Local Government Association of Queensland exploring how local councils across Queensland use technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency & deliver better services.

Talking point: Company values as an asset

This week I have also been working with a client on a printed piece that presents their company values, commitments, goals and aims. I enjoy doing this kind of work. It gives me the chance to really get to know what makes them tick, often getting directly involved in defining these values early on. It is rewarding to take something a client has worked hard to define and present it back to them in a visually engaging and inspiring way – bringing it to life, making it real. 

A few of my clients have embarked on similar exercises recently. They understand the value of articulating what they believe in and strive for, and making this visible within their organisations. There is a number of ways of doing this – from a printed piece like a 'brand book' or poster to a more permanent installation such as office wall graphics or an event which directly engages their staff. 

Beyond this, there is also value to be had in communicating aspects of this to their customers who increasingly regard a company's culture and belief system when deciding whether to buy their product or services. Getting involved with a client at this level allows me to offer trusted insight far beyond the traditional role of a Graphic Designer. 

Event: Unbilled

I spoke at Unbilled over the weekend – a great event helping freelancers, creative studios and small businesses with practical information on how to better run their business. As an independent myself I am continually learning on the job, so it was nice to hear fellow speakers sharing common issues and approaches. Here are  a very small number of takeaways from the day:

  • Consider charging for your services based on value to the client, rather than just your time
  • Solid business terms are your friend, both you and you client need to understand and respect the rules of engagement
  • Good cashflow is vital, ensure you have regular billing milestones in place to keep funds coming in
  • Think of you clients as collaborators–rather than working for them work with them to reach meaningful outcomes

Technology: Smart print

MOO have just started offering connected business cards that include an embedded NFC chip. In a nutshell when tapped against a compatible Android or Windows phone (though not Apple it seems) the cards can trigger a digital action such as launch a website, download an app, start a video chat, make an electronic donation – and get this – you can change the action. I guess the possibilities are endless. The implications physical and digital crossovers such as this offer design and communications so exciting. More in-depth info about how they were developed can be found here.

Talking of physical / digital crossovers check out this great project by Brendan Dawes. Commissioned by Mailchimp, Six Monkeys explores our interactions with email through physical Internet-connected objects. Lovely.


St Germain, Matt Walsh FABRICLIVE mix, Tom Petty, Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode.

Have a great weekend.

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