Friday Round-up No.02–

Work in progress: As mentioned last week, I have been working on quite a few corporate reports and surveys recently. Much of this week has been taken up with various stages of these including initial concept work, full drafts, and final artwork.

I have also just finished up some office window graphics for a recruitment firm I do quite a bit of work with in Sydney. The graphics stretch the full length of their building, along the main road, so offer a fantastic opportunity to present their brand and message–hopefully it won't distract too many motorists. I have also been working on a number of smaller projects including an event invitation and corporate presentation. It's been a busy week.

Speaking event: I have been confirmed to take part in an event in Brisbane called Unbilled. It aims to help freelancers, creative studios and small businesses with practical information and advice so they can better run their business. The brainchild of Dahlia Ishak for The Rabbit Hole, the event brings together industry experts from the creative industries, legal profession, HR, accounting, and management. It should be well worth going along to if you run a business or are thinking of doing so–I am not aware of similar events that offers practical help. The event will be held at Lightspace in Fortitude Valley on Sun 18 October.

Co–working: I have been working from a home office for the last few years–which is great–most of the time. There are plenty of perks–I love the flexibility it offers me, not having to waste time commuting, doing my own thing etc but I am starting to feel a little isolated and conscious that I am missing out on the opportunities and experience that comes with working with others. For a while now I have been thinking about giving a co-working space a try.

At the suggestion of a friend, I dropped into the Coterie at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia earlier this week. They offer a range of flexible and low commitment co-working arrangements from hot desks, permanent desks, and office space. Do you use a co-workspace? I'd be keen to hear your thoughts and experiences. What have benefits has it brought to your business? How often? Where in Brisbane offers a professional, inspiring environment? 

Listening this week: lots of LFO again, a bit of Dead Kennedys, some Violent Soho (new stuff coming from them soon!), feeling patriotic and checking out the new Stereophonics.

Have a great (long) weekend. 

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